Academie Logo

Academie Scientifique de Beaute, France

offers a very complete range of skincare products and expert treatments using specific protocols to treat any skin condition and answer all women's needs. Research is the backbone of the company that develops original and exclusive formulas in order to anticipate the consumers needs. The guarantee of efficiency and optimum performance is a consequence of selecting only the purest active ingredients for skincare products.

Dibi-Elite Logo

Dibi Olos, Italy

DIBI is the Number One beauty brand in Italy, offering'results-driven' professional salon and spa treatments and a range of-standard products for home use. DIBI's auxilliary line, OLOS, presents a holistic approach to skin and body care, offering a beautiful range of treatments andthat use only 100% natural active ingredients, delivering anaromatic and holistic skincare solution for all skin types.